Year 2 curriculum

Subject Autumn
Term1 - 1st Half
Term2 - 2nd Half
Term1 - 1st Half
Term 2 - 2nd Half
Term1 - 1st Half
Term 2 - 2nd Half
English(7 weeks)
• Assessment.
• Books linked to class names (countries)
• Stories with a familiar setting- The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch;
Fatou Fetch the Water (linked to Black History)
(8 weeks)
• Performance Poetry (Eg: The Owl and the Pussycat).
• Traditional fairy tales with a twist: Prince Cinders.
• Instructions.
(5 weeks)
• African Folk Tale: The Tortoise's Dream.
• Information Text: Kenya.
(6 weeks)
• Narratives: Dougal’s Deep Sea Diving; Man on the Moon;
The Day the Crayons Quit.
• Skills focus: SPaG.

(6 weeks)
• Narratives: Where the Wild Things Are
• Information Text: Endangered Animals
• Persuasive Writing
• Skills focus: SPaG.

(7 weeks)
• Narratives: Superworm;
Big Bad Owl.
• Poetry
• Recount
• Skills focus: SPaG
MathsRefer to separate map
Science• Animals, including humans.• Animals including humans.
• Animals in their habitats.
• Everyday Materials• Plants• Living Things & their Habitats• Materials
Art & Design• Drawing/Painting (linked to different artists).• Printing & Textiles – African Art
• Geometric Art
• Collage and Sculptures
D & T• Card Making
• Cooking
• Puppets• Vehicles
Computer Science - Digital Literacy & Using Information Technology
Roamers (Programming)Roamers (Programming)Turtles ( Coding)Roamers (Programming)Block CodingBlock Coding
Geography• Local area
• Gambia (linked to Black History)
• Continents and Oceans
• Kenya
• Comparing a European and Non-European country: UK and China
History• Guy FawkesChildren in World War 2
• Comparing significant people from different time periods:
• Rosa Parks and Emily Fry
Music• Ourselves
• Toys
• Our land
• Our bodies
• Animals
• Number
• Storytime
• Seasons
• Weather
• Pattern
• Water
• Travel
PE• Gymnastics • Dance• Gymnastics • Games-Ball Skills• Outdoor Games• Outdoor Games
PSHE / RRSA• Relationships
• Wants and Needs.
• Feelings
• Anti-Bullying
• Road Safety
• Medicines and drugs
• Global Links - Ethiopia
• Making a positive contribution• Keeping safe
• Global Links
• Growing & changing.
RE• What makes a home? (Hinduism & Jainism)

• How do we remember people and why? (Humanism & Christianity).• What rules are the most important and why? (Judaism)• Why is the cross important to Christians?

• How are we the same and different from other people? (Islam and Baha’i).

•• What does faith say about change? How does it make us feel better and how can we become better?