Governor meetings


Governor meetings attendance

 Governing Body

Name9 Sep 157 Oct 152 Dec 1510 Feb 1616 Mar 16 18 May 166 Jul 16
Ms Mitzi GreenPPAAAAA
Ms Lesley StackpoolePPAPPAP
Mr Dhiraj ShiyaniPPAPPAP
Mr Nilesh ParekhPPPPPAP
Mrs Rimple GoelPPAPAPP
Ms Catherine Kittredge MBEPPPPPPP
Mr James SnowdenPPPPPPP
Mrs Rutinderjit Mahil-PooniPPPPPPP
Ms Nishma ShahPPAPPPA
Ms Farrah Quintyne--PPPPP
Daniela Maran--PPPPP
Kaajal Parmar--PPAPP

Finance and Premises Committee

Name15 Sep 1524 Nov 1526 Jan 168 Mar 1626 Apr 16 21 Jun 16
Ms Catherine Kittredge MBEPPPPPP
Mr Dhiraj ShiyaniPPPPPP
Mr Nilesh ParekhPPAPPA
Mrs Rutinderjit Mahil-PooniPPPPPP
Mrs Rimple GoelPAPPPA

PAD, Staffing, Curriculum and Standards Committee

Name9 Sep 157 Oct 152 Dec 1510 Feb 16
Ms Lesley StackpoolePAPP
Ms Catherine Kittredge MBEPPAP
Mrs Rutinderjit Mahil-PooniPPPP
Mr James SnowdenPPPP
Ms Nishma ShahPPPP
Mr Nilesh ParekhPAAA
Ms Farrah Quintyne-PAP
Kaajal Parmar-PPP

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2015-16 (pdf)

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2016-17 (pdf)