Governor meetings


Governor meetings attendance

 Governing Body

Name14 Sep 1612 Oct 167 Dec 168 Feb 1715 Mar 17 17 May 1712 Jul 17
Ms Lesley StackpoolePPAAPAA
Mr Dhiraj ShiyaniPPAAPPP
Mr Nilesh ParekhPPPPPPP
Mrs Rimple GoelPPPAAAP
Ms Catherine Kittredge MBEPPPPPPP
Mr James SnowdenPPPPPPP
Mrs Rutinderjit Mahil-PooniPPPPPPP
Ms Nishma ShahAAPPPPP
Ms Farrah QuintyneAPAPPPP
Daniela MaranAPPAAPP
Kaajal ParmarAPAPPAP
Clare Doust --PPPAP
Justin Thornhill---PPPA

Finance and Premises Committee

Name22 Nov 1624 Jan 1707 Mar 1725 Apr 1720 Jun 17
Ms Catherine Kittredge MBEPPPPA
Mr Dhiraj ShiyaniPPPAP
Mr Nilesh ParekhPAPPP
Mrs Rutinderjit Mahil-PooniPPPPP
Mrs Rimple GoelPPPAP
Clare Doust -PPAP

PAD, Staffing, Curriculum and Standards Committee

Name9 Nov 1618 Jan 1710 May 17
Ms Lesley StackpoolePAA
Ms Catherine Kittredge MBEPPA
Mrs Rutinderjit Mahil-PooniPPP
Mr James SnowdenPPP
Ms Nishma ShahPPP
Ms Farrah QuintynePPP
Kaajal ParmarPPP

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2016-17 (pdf)

Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2015-16 (pdf)