PE and Sports Premium


September 2016 – July 2017

Physical Education is a vital part of children’s wellbeing and we at Kenmore Park Infants and Nursery school believe a healthy child develops a physically able and mentally alert learner. We provide a range of physical activities and teach indoor and outdoor PE.

PESP Financial Year April 2016 – March 2017

Total funding received £9040

  Target Action Costing Impact
1.To upskill teaching staff so that they are able to deliver high quality PE lessons demonstrating good knowledge of the various strands of the PE curriculum through high quality CPD and team teaching opportunities. Specialist PE coaches from Non-Stop Action employed following a best value and quality assurance exercise.
Staff to work alongside a specialised PE coach, planning delivering and assessing pupil progress.
£8395.00Teachers in Key Stage 1 have had opportunities to teach and learn with the specialized PE coach. This has led to an improvement in the quality of PE teaching in those year groups.
2.Release staff from class so children can attend and take part in borough competitions.To increase the number of competitions children take part in £650.00This year children in Key Stage 1 have taken part in a Football competition, Gymnastics competition and a Mini Championships. For the Mini Championships 16 schools in the borough took part in the event and our school came 1st in the event.
3.Remove barriers which might prohibit participation in schools events Transport to schools events. £92All the pupil premium children in year 2 got the opportunity to take part in a Sporting event with our cluster schools. This was a fun morning and all the children developed team participation skills.
4.Staff CPD Teaching and LearningPE leader to attend CPD sessions for PE facilitated through Harrow School Improvement Partnership (HSIP) £670.00The PE leader has attended the leaders meeting that have been held for staff in the borough. Through this the school has been able to take part in the KS1 Mini Championships day and also maintain up to date information on PE.
5.Lunch time clubs providing opportunities for all KS 1 pupils to participate in extra-curricular clubs during lunch time. We employ a lunch time club which runs 3 times a week for pupils in Key Stage 1. This enables all children in Key Stage 1 to take part in after school clubs. They provide a range of Sporting activities including competitive sports. £1755.00100% of pupils in KS1 have taken part in this extra-curricular club.
6.Encourage more parents to take part in physical activity with their children by creating a Family Fun Pack for parents to engage with their child. Reception staff put together a Family Fun Pack. Parents can loan the pack of resources home and engage with their child. This encourages parents to get involved in physical activity with their child whilst also developing their physical skills. Staff will also provide parents with training and guidance on how to use the £0
(equipment bought 2015/16 – no need to replenish)
46% of parents of pupils in reception came to school to observe a PE lesson ran by teachers. These parents then had opportunities to take a PE pack home for them to engage in physical activities with their child.
7.Extending competition opportunities: participation in borough sports events such as Mini Championships at Bannisters.Staff released to support pupils at sports events such as Mini Championships at Bannisters. £360.0012 KS1 pupils had an opportunity to take part in the Mini Championships event held at Bannisters. From the 16 schools in Harrow that participated in the event our school came 1st.
8.Ensure high quality Physical Education provision at the school.Subject leader in PE time to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning, plan and co-ordinate events. £1,950.00The PE leader has observed teachers and the specialized coach teaching PE. The quality of teaching was judged to be good.

Ratified by the Governing Body 12.07.17