Nursery curriculum


New Curriculum Map 2018-19 ¦ Nursery

Subject Autumn
Term 1 - 1st half
Term 1 - 2nd half
Term 2 - 1st half
Term 2 - 2nd half
Term 3 - 1st half
Term 3 - 2nd half
Theme: Settling in Theme: Animals & CelebrationsTheme: TransportTheme: Traditional StoriesTheme: Traditional StoriesTheme: Nursery Rhymes
Personal, Social & EmotionalUnderstanding behavioural expectations.Learning how to share resources.

Building friendships.
Working together with others.

Introduce Team Ant

Building independence - putting on coats.
Introduce Sensible Squirrel

Building independence – changing shoes and jumpers
Introduce Tough Tortoise

Trying your best/ not giving up
Introduce Wise Owl

Learning from our mistakes.

Moving on to new adventures
Communication & LanguageTalking about people in their family.

Repeating and singing along to Nursery rhymes.
Naming and describing animals.

Talking about celebrations and things they have seen in books and videos.
Naming different types of transport.Using story language

Talking about events and characters within a story.
Using story language

Describing characters in a story.
Talking about changes.

Making predictions.
Physical Development Developing self care – independence using the toilet, eating food. Mark making using different materials.

Developing fine motor skills - manipulating play dough.
Developing fine motor skills - threading, using tweezers.

Exploring dance and movement.
Holding a pencil using the tripod grip.

Using different types of apparatus – balancing on a bench, rope climbing.
Holding a pencil using the tripod grip.

Negotiating Space when playing group games.
Holding a pencil using the tripod grip.
Ball skills – rolling, throwing, catching and kicking.
LiteracyPhase 1 phonics, listening to sounds. Making Christmas cards.

Recognising their names.

Phase 1 Phonics.
Phase 1 and 2 Phonics

Holding a pencil using the tripod grip.

Writing their name.
Phase 1 and 2 phonics

Holding a pencil using the tripod grip.

Writing their name

Hearing initial sounds.
Phase 1 and 2 phonics

Writing shopping lists

Writing their names

Sequencing a story
Phase 1 and 2 phonics
Writing party invitations/ names

Identifying words that rhyme
MathematicsCounting the children in school. Counting objects and sounds. Comparing groups.
Using language 'more' and 'less'.

Naming 2d Shapes

Exploring money
Recognising and writing numbers

Describing the size and weight of objects
Sorting objects into groups

Ordering objects according to their size and weight.

Using mathematical language
Recognising and writing numbers

Naming/describing 2d shapes
Using mathematical language
Understanding the WorldLearning about ourselves, people in our family.

Role Play - Home corner

Learning about Diwali, Christmas, Bonfire Night

Months of the year - making calendars.
Role play - Train Station

Buying tickets

Naming different types of transport.
Role Play – House of the Three Bears

Planting seeds/ growing

Role Play – Supermarket

Exploring money

Naming fruits and vegetables/ identifying healthy and unhealthy foods

Role Play – Party area

Playing group games/ puzzles
Expressive Arts & DesignListening to Nursery Rhymes. Making rangoli patterns, making fireworks.

Naming colours.
Naming colours.

Imaginative stories.

Exploring instruments.
Mixing colours

Making masks

Singing and dancing to familiar songs
Building with a purpose.

Making birthday cards and cakes

Singing and dancing to familiar songs

Making stick puppets/spider webs

Singing Nursery Rhymes
Dancing to music from around the world
Religious Education Refer to Harrow Agreed RE Syllabus- Page 35 - 39