Prospective parents should complete an application form (available from the school office) for their child. Forms are required for the Nursery and for full-time school.

Admissions are arranged once a year, in September, by Harrow Local Authority. A copy of Harrow’s Admissions Policy is available.

The following admission criteria apply to the school:

Children born between 1 September and 31 August start school in the September before their fifth birthday. You will receive a letter/email confirming your child’s place in a primary school in the May before your child starts school.If the number of people applying for a particular school is less than the number of places available, then everyone naming that school as their first preference will normally be offered a place. If there are more applications than places available, then places are offered in the following priority order up to the number of places available in the school.

  1. Agreed medical reasons for a place at the school nearest to the home address. All such requests must be supported by a Consultant’s letter at the time of application. Please attach details of your application form.
  2. Children with Special Educational Needs where the Statement identifies a specific school and where a request for a place in that school is made by Learning Support Services.
  3. Children who will have a brother or sister attending the First or Middle School at the same time.
  4. Address, according to the priority roads list. (Lists can be viewed either at the Education Department at the Civic Centre or at Harrow public libraries). This must be the address where you and your child normally live and you must be living there on the closing date for receipt of applications.
  5. Distance, if the address does not fall within the school’s priority roads area. Distance will be measured by the shortest, safe walking route.

An address link under the priority roads scheme does not guarantee a place in a particular school. The priority roads system is a means to helping you judge your chance of gaining admission to a particular school. Whether your child is offered a place in the school of your first preference will depend on a number of factors. These include the number of applicants with brothers/sisters attending the school, as well as the number with a higher address link. The level of demand for schools changes every year. Therefore you would be advised not to assume that because children in the same road attend a particular school that your child will also be offered a place.

Those parents who do not get a place in the school of their first preference are offered a place in another school. It is at this stage that we look at your second or third preference schools. However, most schools fill from applicants who name the school as their first preference. It may not be possible to offer places to second and third preference applicants because the schools are already full. When this happens, a place is offered at the nearest school with a vacancy to your home address. If your do not fain a place in a school of your preference you are informed of your right of appeal and at that stage are given an opportunity to state your reason(s) for your school preference. On receipt of your request for appeal papers, your child’s name is automatically put on the waiting list for the school(s) for which you are appealing.
You may also request that your child’s name is put on the waiting lust for any school in the borough. All you need to do is to write to the Admissions Service with the name, address and date of birth of your child. You will also need to give the name of the school or school(s) you are interested in so we can add your child’s name to the appropriate waiting lists.

Late Applications

Applications received after the closing date (which is published in the local newspapers) will be dealt with after those received by the closing date have been allocated school places. Places will be offered at school(s) where there are vacancies.

Travel assistance

Help with traveling expenses may be available to pupils under the age of 8 where the only school the Authority can offer is more than 2 miles from the home address, measured by the shortest, safe walking route. If the Authority has to make an offer of a school more than 2 miles from home, assistance will only be given when parent have named a school linked to their address under the priority roads system on the application form. No assistance is given if a priority school is not named.

If your child has special educational needs, please let the Headteacher know at the time you hand in your completed application form.

Certain particulars declared on your application form may be held on computer and are therefore registered under the Data Protection Act 1984.

Children attending a nursery which is attached to the Infant School do not have an automatic right of entry to that school. Their applications are dealt with in the same way as applications for other children who are not in the nursery.

Download the Admissions Policy September 2019 (pdf)